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Menu of Services for our Workshops

All group training workshops listed below is provided in an interactive format, using lecture, observation, discussion, and interactive exercises to communicate concepts and practice skills.

A Better Listener customizes group training plans to fit your organization’s needs. If you seek a type of training that you do not see listed here, please feel free to reach out! We are happy to work with you to meet your precise needs.

Training can be offered to groups in any of the following formats

Half Day

Half Day

A great option for busy organizations looking to have a taste or sampling of some of the components of Motivational Interviewing. This is also a nice format for refresher training, for organizations that have had previous MI training.

Full Day

Full Day

A full day session is a great way for a group to learn the foundational elements of Motivational Interviewing and develop introductory skills.



An ideal option for organizations looking to implement Motivational Interviewing, multiple days of training (consecutive or non-consecutive) allow for more advanced skill development within your organization.

Introductory Level

An introductory level of training in Motivational Interviewing provides a foundation for those new to MI, or for those in need of a refresher on basic theory and principles. These trainings are typically provided in a one-day to a three-day format, with a maximum of 30 participants for the best learning experience.

Learning Objectives:

Identify the definition of Motivational Interviewing

Identify and exhibit the five foundational MI skills (OARS+I)

Recognize and respond effectively to client ambivalence

Recognize and describe the “MI Spirit”

Describe the four fundamental processes of MI

Improve active listening techniques through formulating deep reflection statements

Apply strategies to enhance client readiness when giving advice or information

Identify “change talk” and “sustain talk”

Demonstrate beginning-level skills in eliciting and responding to “change talk” and “sustain talk”

Consider practical ideas and plans for integrating MI into their daily work

Advanced Level Motivational Interviewing

For those with some introductory or intermediate training in MI, a more advanced level of training will enhance the participants’ skills and application of Motivational Interviewing strategies in their work, while improving fidelity to the model of MI. These trainings are typically provided in a one-day to a three-day format, with a maximum of 30 participants for the best learning experience. 

Learning Objectives:

Refine five essential MI skills (OARS+I) through demonstration and practice

Navigate the four processes of Engagement, Focusing, Evoking and Planning, while using the five essential MI skills appropriately in each process

Demonstrate advanced strategies to increase motivation for change

Practice strategies to effectively soften “sustain talk”

Recognize coding with MI adherent and non-adherent criteria for an overview of self-assessment (if applicable)

Deepen reflective listening skills and practice strategic use of reflection statements

Demonstrate strategies for if, when, and how to initiate a change plan

Create a plan for advancing the integration of MI skills into daily work

Workshops and Refresher Trainings

For organizations with partial-day availability or those looking for a sample of listening skills training or brief Motivational Interviewing training, a workshop (ranging from one to five hours) can be a valuable option. Brief workshops are also available for agencies in need of targeted refresher training. Topics of partial-day workshops can be customized to fit the needs and requests of your organization. Talk with Kay to explore what needs we can fill within your organization!